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Upskilling Million SME for Exports on Digital Platform Economy

Naseem Javed
5 min readFeb 9, 2020

Creating marathons of exportability & innovative excellence:

These deployment ready programs are not new funding dependent they are execution starved…resoundingly different and extremely novel and focuses on combative, tactical formats delivered exclusively in powerful and dramatically engaging styles to owners and founders of small and midsize enterprises. Such upskilling models to transform million SME in simultaneous synchronization are deluxe integration of rich contents and global experiences that creates positive impact within each enterprise. Around the world, political leadership and bureaucracies need organizational capacity to fathom such revolutionary thinking; otherwise chaos will become uncontrollable. Round table discussions are always good start.

Unimaginable new destinations are only at the end of untraveled roads; unless there is brand new map highlighting new paths, the governing leaderships on the revival of small medium enterprises on exports very little will ever change. Old systems served the past, no longer fit for the global-age, now, a new and revolutionary mindset differentiates successful economies facing futurism and disconnect ones facing populism.

Simple test: On a scale 1–10, 10 ranks as high, below 9 ranks as failure.

Question: What level of understanding is there to articulate on the following hot topics?

“Trade-wars are proof of low quality exports and unskilled workforce, lingering delays compounds…”
“Export promotion agencies are from the past, each SME showcased as its own promotion center…”
“Government agencies lack digitization and global age marketing skills for not being their mandates…”
“Platform economies models based on free technologies are many steps above old thinking…”
“How Alibaba sold USD$39 Billion within 24-hours on November 11th 2019, still not a hot debate…”
“National mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms a survival strategy for nations…”

Pentiana Project is gaining global attention

Upskilling to create marathons of exportability: Critical Thinking meets innovative excellence
The Five Pillars of Global-Age Transformation: How national mobilization programs bring new global age philosophy, new avenues of thinking and execution, and upskilling as follows;

Global Age Exportability: What’s really stopping a high potential enterprise from expanding to 100–200 countries?

Global Age Progress: What it takes to blend soft-power-assets with hard-asset-centricity and combine the powers for better business modeling?

Global Age Execution: How to train you to achieve what normally takes 365 normal days to do it in only 365 dramatic hours?

Global Age Presence: Why the hidden power of Image Supremacy of innovative excellence is a long term strategy for higher profitability?

Global Age Prosperity: How to become a magnet for investor attractions on prosperity with new revenues, new funding, and new alliances

These deployment ready programs can transform 1000 to 1000,000 local small and midsize businesses in any sector or region to become global-age players. This only achieved with sophisticated delivery system of transformational debates, entrepreneurial strategies and expert discussions with pragmatic solutions critical to expansion realities on the creation of grassroots prosperity by mobilizing enterprise owners. Creation of local prosperity nation by nation will save the mankind from the current chaos.

To clarify any lingering confusion, these programs and thinking are not only very deluxe program but also categorically not to be confused with traditional university and academic education classes, online courses or startup and incubator events. This program different and extremely novel and focused on combative, tactical formats delivered exclusively in powerful and dramatically engaging styles to owners, founders and job-creators.

Exclusive Benefits to Participating Nations: They help showcase national entrepreneurial mobilization of enterprise wide performances. They blend real pragmatism with national themes via solid deliverable platform. National role encourages major trade associations to also join the charge and shine. These programs create mobilization readiness, like assisting a nation in identifying 1000 to 1000,000 high potential small medium enterprises and exporters ready for global age expansion. Assist creating major agenda contents on Global Age National Entrepreneurialism & Exportability. Such programs improve current status of major national economic issues. Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack entrepreneurial commercialization. Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions. Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects without job growth. Nations have economic development programs but often without mega punch.

The national hidden agenda: should we ignore our thousands or millions of small medium businesses? Should we just avoid open debates, discussions on conflicting points of views on global age of SME commerce? Should we just stay mum on all grassroots prosperity execution styles and prosperity affairs and await populism? Should just make trade-wars strategy as survival of exports and fights on nationalism? When will we get the courage to openly talk about quality ranking of exportable or upskilling working-citizenry to become masters of innovative excellence and when will we shift priorities and replace education by create armies of critical thinkers, with confidence to bring million trades for million SME and deal with wide open world with 200 nations?

Free technologies allow all that; but revolutionary ideas, demands revolutionary thinking and execution, like enjoying quality growth, these strategies call for national agenda and deployments under new thinking…

“Firing the first person for incompetence for saying they have no new funding to change and firing the next person for disorganization for saying they are too busy and have no time to change”

The absence of bold and open dialogue on midsize business economy whispers volumes:

Study Pentiana Project and how such ideas are gaining global attention. What’s lacking advanced knowledge on digital platform economies, not the IT expertise but the mobilization of entrepreneurialism to make them creatively superior with real value offering and commercially profitable with pragmatism? What missing is “showcasing expertise” not some brochure or website but targeted profiling and value positioning to uplift national hidden talents as national wealth of innovative excellence to support manufactured goods from highly functional SME across the nations?

Solutions of today: What deployment ready strategies are in place for National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on platform economies necessary to uplift midsize economy? How will Chambers of Commerce of the world on digital platforms start to showcase members and what positive energy will it create when the 11,000 chambers with 45 million members come into action? When hidden national talents boosted, “showcased” and entrepreneurialism rises across the nation, when women entrepreneurs come in the play, and 5000–10,000 SME in the game how much exportability will all this create? Without any high level round tables discussions with bold and open dialogue the export problems will only grow, market opportunities missed and smarter nations getting far ahead.

The Crosscurrents of Today: No need to wait for the arrival of The Forth Industrial Revolution; jump today, to the first industrial revolution of mind, adopt free technologies now, immediately advance on digitization and free platforms with massive training and transformation on critical thinking. Without any time to waste nations in export predicaments should become ‘platform economies’ and become export champions by national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to match global demands with best quality and value creation for the 200 nations.

High level Round table discussions are always a good start.



Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Digital Platforms of Upskilling