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National Mobilization of SME Saves Pandemic Economies

Naseem Javed
4 min readMay 21, 2020


Post Pandemic midsize business economies, need saving, nation by nation: Observe the restless citizenry and the brutal decline of small medium enterprises amongst developed nation. Critically needed, to catch up lost decade a generational transformation is required, such challenges demand global-age style execution and are less dependent on new funding. So who is blocking and what’s stopping all this?

When mankind is in trouble, only mankind’s rules will solve the issues. If the mind is a miracle of the universe, the body its natural temple, self-discovery, self-optimization and lifelong learning is where we need to start once again on a new blank page. To deploy technology in right directions and create highly productive national working citizenry compatible with global-age demands we have to fall back on our mind and our capabilities to come out as winners in post pandemic economies. Civilization has always survived on these humanistic challenges with common-sense advancement principles.

When economies on the brink, enters an entrepreneurial mind? It is a product of lifelong learning, cognizant of realities, and capable to handle such local, national or global tasks. Billion young and small entrepreneurs are on the march in Asia now productivity, performance, and supremacy of excellence of our new world zipping by the hour with no mercy for crawling nations. New speed of critical thinking and global age execution style must emerge across the nation or it will simply grind economy to halt. No proof is required.

First, the driving philosophy: National mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms of upskilling for innovative excellence are not new funding dependent they are deployment hungry and execution starved, so what’s stopping ? Hidden in the differentiation, deeper understanding of “extreme-value-creation for creating local grassroots prosperity economies” and the “extreme-value-manipulations for creating hologramic-debt-based economies” and this is where the future challenges are hidden.

Second, As the cycle of laborious-work are getting replaced by smart-work while smart-work getting replaced by smarter machines, the ‘Masters of Robots’ will be the new smart unlearners, the ‘Slaves of Robots’ will be the deniers of change.

Critical Observations: Why immediate replacement of old education system around the world with new global-age transformation has become so necessary? It’s a liability on national productivity, it’s a burden of debt on the emerging youth of any nation and it’s rotten from the inside damaging economic philosophies in silence of the day.

Four Enlightenment:

Self-Discovery; close your eyes and discover your hidden talents, create supreme performance and become a global age thinker. This will open entrepreneurial thinking.

Enterprising Journeys; open your eyes and study the global age and indulge at the enterprise level, build and create massive growth. Do something phenomenal. This will open new business ideas.

Grassroots Prosperity; open your mind and lead by example, deploy and create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value. This will open collaborative thinking and leadership roles.

National Mobilization; open your heart and share your authoritative command and knowledge, mobilize and help your own nation and make sure it is moving in the right direction, assist in boosting the national economy.

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.

Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.

Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.

Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links

Such programs also improve current status of the national issues, like:

Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack massive commercialization.

Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions.

Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects.

Nations have economic development programs but often without mega punch.

Key Questions: How upskilling SME and uplifting women entrepreneurs saves national economies? Why such ideas are not major funding dependent but mobilization hungry and execution starved? What special skills required uplifting midsize business economies post Coved19 and how to deploy? How did Alibaba generated USD$39 Billion in sales within 24 hours on 11–11–2019, and why this example?

Reality Check: Are key regions and cities ready for national mobilization of entrepreneurialism? Are top trade associations and chambers of commerce in agreement on SME upskilling? Is there a national agenda to quadruple performance and drive exportability?

Key Solutions: How in simultaneous synchronization upskilling of 10,000 to 1,000,000 SME results in growth on a fast track basis? How Round-table discussions LIVE streamed to Top 10,000 stakeholders instantly create a national umbrella? How is Pentiana Project placing 25,000 SME manufacturers on digital platforms of upskilling? Study deeply.

Round-table discussions are good starting points; without debates the silence sinking economies.



Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Digital Platforms of Upskilling