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National Entrepreneurial Agenda: Boosting SME Economy in 2020

Naseem Javed
4 min readJan 25, 2020

Big business is no longer the voice of the nation.
Big business is the voice of the political agenda
Big business is big but small business is far bigger
The silent majority is now the voice of the nation.
The voice of liberty is truth; the purity of truth is when it’s an open and an honest talk. WEF 2020 Davos concluded with on critical need to fix broken down economic systems and uplift grassroots prosperity or face populism.

New Laws of Pandemic Recovery and Future Economies:
Allow SME the first $5–10 million revenue in exports, tax-free, this will create jobs and bring foreign exchange.

New Laws of Pandemic Recovery and Future Economies:
Allow SME free access to all dormant Intellectual Property, Patents, and Academic Experts on voucher programs.

(Expothon is tabling bold agenda and starting high level series of global virtual events starting in early 2021)

Pillars of prosperity will grow when Entrepreneurialization deployed as a remedy: if properly executed, as defined in The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols Manifesto, it will create grassroots prosperity, and make economical victories. Uplift the youth currently 50% population of the world, mostly depressed, jobless and with rise on mental-health…urgently needed is massive mobilization of SME, nation by nation.

No other asset of a nation is more important or critical to the survival of a nation as the preservation of the talent of its citizenry; talents hidden and repressed by old fashioned mentality of last century, in oblivion to new digital platforms how such mobilization will transfer millions of youth now in depressions and mental health risks; define the nation but need constant care and nurturing, this is meticulous work and not some lip service at some single annual plastic-award night. It is the honest administration of hidden national talent and skill sets resources with strategic deployment that ensures successful results. Nations around the world easily differentiated on this transformation matrix alone.

FACT: Entrepreneurialism is not a measured or calibrated as a repeatable process. Each and every time, each single step is new and unique. That’s why 10,000 case studies on Starbucks Coffee did not produce even one single player of identical stature. The pure and simple fact is entrepreneurialism is orchestrated chaos in slow motion; a unique deployment of emotional intelligence with unpredictable sequences of actions striving for tangible and prosperous structure. There is no pill to instantly bring entrepreneurialism into action. There are methodologies that can create fertile grounds and ignite entrepreneurial thinking, but all requires tactical and combative interactions and not class-room readings.

Entrepreneurialism is not “Explicit-Knowledge” that can be written like book-keeping this is “Tacit knowledge” that cannot be written like swimming; today explicit-knowledge is being dramatically replaced by AI systems while Tacit-knowledge still not a popular term in HR is the most sought after need in complex business execution.

Small Midsize Business Economy Revival:

FACT: This decade the world will create far more new entrepreneurs than it ever did during its entire history. Never in history has so many options and free technologies collided with new ideas resulting with easy access to new ventures.

Nations ready to transform and “mobilize SME across the nation on digital platform economy will shine

FACT: The majority of the world’s successful entrepreneurs never had formal education or training in the field they ventured into and yet they created monumental successes. There are stories after stories of great success global age entrepreneurs who were actually university drop outs.

With a hundred plus countries in the race of innovative excellence and image supremacy of performance, few are scratching the surface of entrepreneurialism. The deeper understanding required to mobilize and transform massive numbers of ‘job-seekers’ to ‘job creators’ demands global knowledge, critical-thinking and execution.

Stupid data creating fake economy and political rhetoric replaced with global-age transparent data to paint the honest picture. Economic punditry must surrender to these challenges. Having no time or no new funding is no longer an excuse.

Smart technologies will eventually liberate mankind

Mankind will have unlimited time available to become better thinkers

Mundane work done by technology will allow intellectual freedom

Better thinking and dialogue will create smarter growth and harmony

Must learn to “eliminate fears” about Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise leadership has no clock; it’s ready to be respond whenever and wherever needed. The fancy decorum, fanfare of the corner offices is for the bureaucratic title seekers. Real enterprise leaders are helpers and problem solvers. Typically, they are office-less and title-less as they are out there to make change happen. Drive the engines of human talent to create grassroots prosperity.

Three Words:
advance, advance and advance and start action in your own region

Rest is easy



Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Digital Platforms of Upskilling